Through the years, the clients of Legalis are more often confronted with questions or problems in an international context.

As a result, the office has had the opportunity to optimise her knowledge regarding cross-border juridical problems.

For example, the office regularly does reviews of agreements and contracts in an international context, obtains judgements against foreign parties and takes care of the execution abroad of Belgian judgements and of foreign judgements in Belgium.

To work as efficiently as possible on the international level, Legalis is a member of an international network. Because of this, it is possible to call upon foreign correspondents when necessary.


Obtaining judgements against foreign debtors and the monitoring of the execution thereof abroad

After a review of the competence, a judgement or a European payment order can obtained from the Belgian courts. After the declaration of enforceability, the necessary will be done for the execution in the country of the debtor. The approach will always be coordinated with the client at the beginning of a case.

Legalis disposes over a sufficient experience and knowledge regarding the costs and expenses for executions abroad.

Drafting and review of agreements in an international context

In all domains where Legalis is active, it is also possible to call upon the office for agreements of an international nature. Particular attention will always be paid to competence of courts and applicable laws.

Cross-border juridical issues

In cooperation with other members of Warwick Legal Network, Legalis looks for pragmatic solutions, while taking into account the commercial feasibility.

The Vienna Convention on the Sale of Goods

Legalis can assist you in all relationships on which the Vienna Convention applies.

Obtaining judgements in Belgium against foreign counterparties and the execution in Belgium of foreign judgements

Obtaining a judgement in Belgium, as well as obtaining a declaration of enforceability in Belgium of foreign judgements are possible. Particular attention is paid to communication and explanations about costs and expenses.

Warwick Legal Network

Legalis is a member of Warwick Legal Network, an international network of independent lawyer offices.

The network consists exclusively out of middle-large offices committed to professional services to companies.

At the moment, Warwick Legal Network is formed by 54 member-offices, located in 23 European countries, Turkey and Russia.

By applying strict rules regarding admittance to the network, these are exclusively offices which are active in the same domains as Legalis . The cooperation is given concrete effect by way of referrals, congresses and personal contacts. The operating language of the network is English.

Through this membership, Legalis can cooperate in every European country with highly qualitative lawyers in cross-border issues.

At this moment, Warwick Legal Network has, aside from Legalis in Belgium, member-offices in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

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