As one of few offices, Legalis can claim to be specialized in transportation law.

For every question regarding for example transportation licences, CMR and load securing the office can provide practical solutions. Furthermore, the office had an extensive knowledge of criminal transportation law.

It can also be noted that Legalis can build on an experience build up over many years in the field of traffic law. The criminal and civil defence in front of the Police Court and the Court of First Instance, as well as the application for damages and the resolution of civil interests for these courts can be entrusted to the office.



Nearly every international transport is regulated nowadays by the CMR Convention. This Convention stipulates the duties and rights of all parties involved in a transportation agreement. Since 1999, the Belgian national transport is also subjected to the CMR Convention.

Through the years, Legalis has built up an extensive knowledge and experience regarding the applicability, the content and the relevance of the CMR Convention.

This Convention determines among others the fundamental right and duties of transporters regarding transportation documents, the acceptance of goods, the correct execution of transports, the delivery of goods, liability, limitation period, etc.

Criminal transportation law

It is in fact not correct to speak of a “criminal transportation law” as such. Transporters are however subjected to a vast amount of criminal regulations, coming from national and European sources (driving and resting times, ADR, etc.)

Legalis has assisted many transporters in juridical procedures, and therefore has plenty of knowledge to provide a preventive approach for the clients, for example by fine-tuning method of trade a to prevent eventual criminal infractions, or to end them towards the future.

Collection of transport charges

A company cannot survive when the revenues stop coming in. Legalis has a extensive experience with the collection of transport charges, and can often present better results because of  a sustained working method, for example by using seizure of guarantees and bank accounts.

What as a transportation commissioner?

Legalis has committed itself to the status of intermediaries in transportations: transportation commissionaires, transportation agents and commissioner-expediter.

Prescriptions of a social law nature

Belgium is not a simple country to manage a transportation company. Evidence of this are the numerous social obligations weighing on transporters: terms of employment, working hours, driving and resting times, social protection… Legalis can provide you with advice about the applicability of regulations, controls and sanctions.


Countless of juridical questions impose themselves to every entrepreneur: liability in case of transhipment of goods, agreements for the storage of goods, requisite environmental licences, price adjustments during the agreement, framework agreements, applicable law in case of multimodal transport, etc. Legalis disposes of all necessary documentation to assist you with all these possible problems and questions.

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