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    The media have already reported extensively on price increases in various sectors. Especially in the construction sector, the prices of raw materials are currently skyrocketing, forcing many contractors to pass these prices on to their end customers. For new projects, this is of course not a problem, but what about ongoing projects where the contract…

    Since 1 August 2021, it is possible for (starting) entrepreneurs to set up a company in Belgium entirely online. Our country is a pioneer in Europe in this respect. However, this change was made in implementation of a European directive. What is specifically possible since 1 August? Until 31 July, one had to physically travel…

    In two recent cases in which Legalis Advocaten was involved, the importance of the difference between ‘delivering’ and ‘unloading’ became clear once again. In accordance with the general principle of responsibility as laid down in Art. 17.1 CMR Convention, the carriage is terminated by the DELIVERY (LIVRAISON) of the goods. Delivery, within the meaning of…

    The Mobility Package was adopted by the European Parliament on 8 July 2020. This Mobility Package consists of two Regulations and one Directive, which lay down new rules on admission to the occupation and to the market, driving and rest periods and tachographs, respectively, and enforcement and posting of drivers in the road transport sector….



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